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Jan 062014


Hooray to the new year! We are offering 50% off on our select appetizers –  foccacia with spinach dip, foccacia with salsa dip and  pizza frita. If it aint enough bonus, we made a new treat for  you, three-cheese chicken sausage!

Come and enjoy all these treats from Jan 4-31 in all our stores. See you!

 January 6, 2014
Jan 102012


Quite simply, if you want fast, flavorful, perfectly-cooked pizza, then nothing less than the traditional brick oven will do. Italians have been using brick ovens to cook pizza since ancient times, further improving and refining this humble kitchen equipment over the years so that it can give us the perfect pizza today. Brick ovens provide the ideal cooking environment for your pizza because of their ability to evenly distribute heat and maintain consistent oven temperatures. The result? A shorter cooking time and the perfect bake.

Bistro Ravioli stays true to the great Italian tradition of using brick ovens for making pizza, locking in the natural flavors of our pizza ingredients and achieving an irresistibly light and crispy crust. The mouthwatering aromas and the tantalizing taste of our brick oven pizzas will surely bring you a gastronomic experience you will never forget.

 January 10, 2012
Jan 102012


For lovers of Italian food, there is nothing more sublime than fresh pasta. Being freshly-made, its softer and more absorbent texture soaks up all the flavors of the sauce with which the pasta is served, making the dish much more flavorful and enjoyable than dry pasta.

Bistro Ravioli’s fresh pasta is prepared daily, carefully made from scratch and using only the finest ingredients. Your taste buds will see the difference—one taste of our handcrafted pasta and you will never go back to dry pasta again.

 January 10, 2012